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At the Masonic Temple in Old Forge on May 18, 1907, twenty-one members of the community gathered together to form the Rescue Hook & Ladder Co. #1.  This was the beginning of fire protection service in the Town of Webb. Today  the Old Forge Fire Department is one of three departments providing emergency services in the Town of Webb Fire District.   The other two departments are Big Moose and Eagle Bay Fire Departments.

The Town of Webb is the largest town in New York State at 482.9 square miles, with 1800 people residing in the township and calling the area home.  Old Forge is a popular  vacation destination all seasons of the year and during peak seasons the population is estimated to be around 35,000 people.  With this influx of visitors to the area also comes the fire, rescue and EMS calls.  These calls include anything from a small brush fire, a helicopter rescue off of the top of Bald Mountain, to a snowmobile accident when it's 20 below zero .




Department News:


Congratulations to Hason Schimid for graduating from the Utica Fire Academy and to Alan Gibson, Calvin Risley and Erest Poux for completeing the Fire Fighter One Class.

Department Officers


Charles Bogradus - Chief


Ronnie Parent - 1st Asst. Chief


Leo DeVincenzi - 2nd Asst. Chief


Terry Lehnen - EMS Captain


James Loson - President


Kathy DeVincenzi - Vice President


Tony Tormey - Secretary/Treasurer

      Fire School 2015


Drill Scholl The 49th Annual Firefighters Drill School will be
Sept. 17, 18 & 19, 2015!
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 2015 Big Bucks drawing will

   be on Sunday September 20th. 

Big Buck Winners for 2014

2014 Fire School Trophy Awards